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great things. we climb the himalayas. wire they leaving these law firms? you can point to michele obama has this great life but what is it about the structure of these law firms caught and become equity partners. plenty of associates for five years, forced to leave in one way or another. and structurally, concrete we in america's work forces. >> i hesitate to address the law firm, technical question. what is the things about. and in law firms, hand to curtailment. i am not trying to say the himalaya question. i wonder if the model we have where educated women should be using their brains in law firm culture that is, and punishing. and whether you can have a life outside the law firm of a man or woman, and are you ever going to see that? and for both men and women it is a difficult punishing culture, and it occupies their life, and -- >> 15 years ago one and all girls will have a career day, and a very fine feminist invited a corporate lawyer partner who is the mother of a child in a school. and talked about all the wonderful thing she did as a partner and there was a question period and
is the cyprus banking system, terrible situation. scary. >> for sure. >>ed good week is obama. a great job with the turkey/israel thing. >> a great job in his speech, too i loved that thing. patricia, yours? >> my winner, patty murray, chairman of the senate budget committee. after four years, she finally did it wasn't pretty she did it. my loser, mitt romney for his $5,000 a head confab in park city this summer. it's over. you lost. go paint some dogs with george bush. >> thank you much. appreciate it that is a wrap of ""weekends with alex witt,"" craig's next. clients are always learning more to make their money do more. (ann) to help me plan my next move, i take scottrade's free, in-branch seminars... plus, their live webinars. i use daily market commentary to improve my strategy. and my local scottrade office guides my learning every step of the way. because they know i don't trade like everybody.
of the brave. >> the author of spin masters how they ignore the real news and held reelected for barack obama. >> you had a great number of things. the stories about the economy and stories about foreign policy etc.. what prompted me to write spin masters though is the benghazi attack and the days that followed. it became clear that the political news media rather than focusing on the story of foreign-policy failure and a president who had promised reproach along with the muslim world and was failing to produce it said
trial where 300 groups were named as muslim brotherhood groups and we know obama's department of justice has execute ltd those prosecutions. >> sean: we have a great esteemed group here tonight. really, bright smart people. i asked the question. i asked the question is the number one problem we face is rise of radical islamists. this is the single greatest threat this world faces. every time i debated you you are a nice man but you said the muslim brotherhood will not come to power. i was right and you were wrong. i want to see if you see it on bigger scale? >> because the arab spring, it came from a youth movement. they were frustrated with what was going on and they want to turned things around. when morsi came add and basically taking it over. that was very dramatic. >> sean: they were raping and women in tahrir square. polls show that egyptians, 75% of them, wanted sharia law. this was totally predictable. >> if you look at the muslim nations, they are not familiar with any of the law. the only law that works with them is sharia law. >> women can't drive, women can't go to school in
. the newspapers were almost unanimous in saying what a great trip obama did. the people also -- his speech to the students in jerusalem, which he was really talking to the israeli people, really did persuade people that he is sincere in his support for israel. wasn't clear beforehand. very significant and successful. not so successful after per swagd the palestinians he is on their side. the most important thing is to get israelis to believe him so he could pressure israel document road, asser can very here to do to begin a real peace process with the palestinians. very successful, craig. >> we will talk about the perceptions among the palestinians our next hour. our man in the middle east, martin fletcher in tel aviv for us. thanks for staying up, sir. >> thanks, craig. >>> the president returns from the middle east later tonight, about 8:45 he is expected to land. early this morning, the senate passed a budget. with more on the news from all corners of the globe, bill schneider, and anna palmer of politico. bill, start with you. lots of questions ahead of president obama's trip to israel
. >> that's it for forbes on fox. have a great weekend. thanks for watching. keep it here. eric bowling and cashin in. >> confetti cake and candles, the birthday bash for obama care t president's health care law turning 3 years old. and the left couldn't be happier. >> it's helped us honor our promise of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. >> but as democrats party we're unwrapping more costs hidden in the health care law, a gift now standing 67 inches high, taller than the president when you pile on all of the new regulations. cashen in crashing the party right now. >> hello everybody. i'm eric boling. wayne rogers, jonathan and tracy all joining us this week. welcome everybody. don't crack the bubbly yet. it's three years since president obama signed owe bbama care. boy, is it starting to get messy. that's not republicans declaring it messy. that's one of the architects of the law saying it. watch. >> i think we know it's going to be messy. there's going to be things that come up that are unanticipated. >> he's right. we bought this cake the woman there said you know what, obama c
u.s.- israeli relations that were badly strained and president obama's first term? >> yeah, john, and you're right, it's an israeli-u.s. reset, and i think it was a great success. i think the president's speech was outstanding to the young israelis. i think it was full of realism and idealism. what he has done, he has walked away from the idea that israel has to stop building settlements, and as a reality there's not going to be any palestinian state as long as you have the president meeting with netanyahu, lieberman, and those folks in power, but i do think there's been a reset in relations with israel. but john with the whole middle east, look at muslim brotherhood in egypt, hamas, gaza, the jordanian king is in trouble, syria is about to collapse in anarchy. you've got hezbollah in lebanon. i think that whole area is moving the other direction. if i were the president of the united states, i believe what he wants to do and ought to do is get out of dodge. >> eleanor. >> i can't remember a time in my lifetime when there was a peaceful status quo in the middle east. it's always
but a tourist with a point won a lot of great headlines, lot of praise from israeli officials. one commentator put it this way, if we're this happy when obama comes, what are we do when the messiah comes. >> obviously the prime minister and the president have never been the best of friends. was this visit any different than usual? >> reporter: these guys if they're acting deserve academy awards because the frost has melted. these are two men who had not only a frosty relationship but a sometimes bitter relationship in the first term. they were joking with each other, they took their jackets off, they looked casual at the israeli state dinner. they spent a long conversation laughing and joking, very animated and engaged and smart enough to cover their mouth like this so the cameras couldn't pick up or try to read their lips what they were saying. they both worked well together and today, you see some evidence that this personal relationship might be helping in the working relationship. prime minister netanyahu called his turkish counterpart, apologized for that incident back in 2010 the israeli
of david callahan because he is a smart guy, works for -- that's great. but he is really saying that i'm entitled to your damn money. just because i have. >> bill: the federal government under president obama believes they are entitled. >> they believe it they are doing it. >> bill: because that's your fair share. that fair share thing is what this is all under. >> that fair share right now amount 25%. 25% of the taxpayers paying 95% of the taxes in this country. that is so screwed up. >> bill: other 75% pay taxes on everything else. >> sure, property taxes, sales taxes. >> bill: it's not like they are getting a free ride. that's where romney made his mistake. even people who make 40, 35,000. every time they turn around, sales tax, tolls, register your car, bang, bang, bang. >> i had asked and asked and asked much this administration, this white house, this president, the democrats in congress, what then is the number? what is the number you want? they won't answer. >> bill: they want everything. restaurants in the u.s.a. people dining out less. is this a pure don't have any money play
for that. mr. ambassador, great to see you. thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you, uma. >> let me begin by saying that many israelis have been very skeptical about president obama's security interests in israel and up to now, a frosty relationship with benjamin netanyau. why should mr. netanyahu trust president obama now? >> you're right, uma, there was a lot of skepticism and even suspicious about president obama's relationship with israel and with the israeli prime minister. we have had four very tense years. but i know in america, you say that there is no second chance to make a first impression. well, the president got that second chance and i think he took it i think his visit to israel, as far as the feeling and the respect and the emotion of the israeli people was a great success. it was a very impressive charm offensive. he reached out to the people. he touched every nerve and every fiber of israeli society with his words. and i must say that when air force one took off, it carried with it a totally different president, as far as at least the emotions, the expectations
, the owe -- the obamas handle it better than anyone. >> they put them on a kiss cam. >> they made them do it twice, right? >> they were hanging all over. >> then they did it again. it was a great moment. >> you actually have a kiss cam in the box you live in over the under pass. under the overpass and ale you do is kiss your elbow. >> i have a way to get rid of the kiss cam. i am getting sick of it. my brother and i have gone to several mets games. >> your brother? >> what you have to do is tackle the kiss cam with some of your grossing into submission. we wait for the camera to come on us and then we go at it with a little sign that says we're brothers with an exclamation point. i'm sure that kiss cam is done for ally eternity. i hate pda. >> except me and albert. >> i hate male female, male to male and female to female. people kissing their dogs in the street grosses me out. >> especially in this city. come up and have a dog lick your face? why? they say a dog is cleaner than a human. no. >> a human who isn't a big butt. more americans support the nukes than originally thought. said a
us. good to see you k.t. >> great to see you. >> arthel: before i ask you your overall grade. i want to go down to specific subjects and iran wanting to get nukes. to diffuse some of the tension between president obama and netanyahu. of course president obama is saying to netanyahu, look, do what you got to do, we got your back. how do you see it moving forward? >> i think this was a successful trip. what he did, what president obama did was to give netanyahu a green light. do what you got to do and we've got your back. they have said that before but in the press conference, i thought was very revealing. they kept repeating it. president obama then said we're going to give you a lot more assistance, military assistance to deal with that. netanyahu thanked him for it and said at the end of the press conference that he couldn't resist, now for all of those, i want to make sure you understand the president has really done something significant. he is going to give us the military assistance that we need. i think to translate it all, netanyahu, you do what you got to do. you've got a gre
think about iraq, let'snk think about snia, too. >>ose: thank you, great to see you. thank you, john tbhark. cambridge. thank you, michael. michael's book "the end game" it is the inside story of the i struggle for iraq from bush to obama. thank you for joining see you next time. captioning sponsored by rose communications captioned by media access group at wgbh
think about iraq, let'snk think about bosnia, too. >> rose: thank you, great to see you. thank you, john tbhark. cambridge. thank you, michael. michael's book "the end game" it is the inside story of the i struggle for iraq from bush to obama. thank you for joining see you next time. captioning sponsored by rose communications captioned by media access group at wgbh ♪ tyin' up my white tie ♪ ♪ brushing off my tails >>> this is "nightly business report." >> moving higher. stocks finish on an up note. still on track for the best quarter in 15 years. >>> water, water not everywhere. how the on going drought is hitting texas especially hard and how it may get worse. >>> and too late or not? why there is still time to refinance your mortgage but you may not want to wait much longer. all that and more coming up right now. welcome to our viewing. >> investors were back in the buying mood as stocks bounced back but still closed loweror the week. the dow snapped the streak of four straight winning weeks and the s&p 500 logging the second losing week in 2013. the market
if their state will offer a health insurance exchange. i'm sorry. maybe the birthday party isn't so great after all. if you hope to get another one, we have to get ourselves together. jay, the man who until recently was inside the obama administration and responsible for the implementation of president obama's health care law and victoria defrances defrancesco soto. what has been happening. >> well, a lot. insurance companies can't cut off coverage once you reach a certain limit. and most importantly, insurance companies that spend more than 20% of the dollar on profit, they have to refund money to people and in 2012 people around the country got more than a billion dollars back from their nurks that did not comply with the rules. >> and when you talk to your constituents, are people feeling the aca. the the data says people are saying, i haven't been personally impacted by this. >> well, young people have certainly ben the first group of beneficiarie beneficiaries. and it's had an impact on them. i think the hurry to repeal is because teem don't want to see the benefits. we have seen 5$5.7 bil
at the end of his term. we'll see if president obama has success. he came here with a somewhat dysfunctional relationship with the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, and they were actually have been frosty in the past and either they're great actors or becoming better friends. >> it was important success the president accomplished getting israel to apologize to turk key for the deadly commando raid in 2010 that killed nine people. he's pushing israel to start peace talks with palestinians. how likely is that to get back on track and how important is the apology from benjamin netanyahu? >> reporter: the two things are not connected at all but could be connected down the road. turkey is a key u.s. ally, israel is a key u.s. ally, syria is in the middle. iran, you have questions what's happening in egypt, these are two countries in the region the american president needs to trust and likes to trust, he'd like to work together on the big challenges. the relationship in turkey the train was off the tracks for three years. that was something the president worked on quietly for months and
. >> bill: lazy, lazy, lazy. >> jessie: i'm having flashbacks now. >> alisyn: great job. thanks so much for being here. let's get to the top story. president obama tour in jordan. play tourist and visit the ancient city of petra. ramp up criticism of syrian president bashar assad. >> ed henry is live this morning in amman jordan with the very latest. good morning, ed. >> good toe sue i goose, interesting. because as you know you have got syria on jordan's northern border. and there are hundreds of thousands of refugees spilled out because of that ongoing civil war. all that strife. the violence, president assad killing his own people. they are winding up here in jordan. many of them and there is a lot of pressure building. damaging his economy big time pressure on president obama at home all around the world to intervene in some way. carl levin saying saying there should be some kind of surgical air strike. maybe the president should help set up a no-fly zone around syria to pressure assad. the bottom line is the president at a news conference here yesterday said he feels like it's a si
the great united states of america from becoming greece or spain or perhaps something worse. the sky is falling. we also, on this committee, subcommittee, had a hearing that was entitled the obama administration regulatory war on the economy. very ominous. the sky apparently is falling, notwithstanding the fact that the administration has created about 6 million private sector jobs. today, there is a thing advanced by some, again, not questioning the views of many good faith members, but the theme is that criminals have been unleashed on the american public. the question that has been posed is, is this policy or politics? parenthetically that i believe in my reading of the 22nd amendment, barack obama is constitutionally prohibited from running for office again because he was elected and reelected. i'm not sure how politics could make their way into this discussion from the electoral context. putting that aside, the issue of whether criminals have recklessly been unleashed on the american public is an interesting one. i have about 2220 people who are at issue in terms of their releas
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)